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Clover 3673 Amour Crochet Hook Set With Zippered Case, Size 10, Neon Green With Hot Pink Trim

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3673 Amour Crochet Hook Set With Zippered

Clover Needlecraft

Package Quantity: 1

Usually you will get more affordable prices by buying on the net than you will in actual shops. Looking for pair of crochet needles? See the 3673 Amour Crochet Hook Set With Zippered a great item made by Clover Needlecraft! A summary of features are great gift idea, optimal hook shape and zippered case. The pair of needles dimensions are 0.5"H x 9"L x 7"W. It weighs somewhere around 0.35 lbs. 3673 Amour Crochet Hook Set With Zippered .

Anyone who loves to Crochet will adore this new Amour crochet hook gift set. Each of the 10 sizes included capabilities a distinct bright and fun colored handle. What a great gift idea, all your favorite hooks at your finger tips in a fun colored case. 00mm. 00mm, I- 5. 50mm, F- 3. 25mm, C- 2. 25mm, E- 3. 75mm, G- 4. 50mm and J- 6. 50mm, H- 5. 00mm, 7- 4. 75mm, D- 3. The polished Aluminum hook is the perfect shape for smooth crocheting. It is fun colored in neon green with hot pink trim. It comes using a Zippered case having a zippered accessories pocket. This set functions a soft easy grip that is warm to the touch and provides the user the most comfortable finger placement also as tireless functionality. The sizes are B- 2.


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