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Aluminum Crochet Hook Set (22PCS 0. 5MM-5. 5MM)

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Aluminum Crochet Hook Set


The Aluminum Crochet Hook is a good pair of crochet needles. There's no doubt that you will like that it features package included:22 pcs crochet hooks needles with case (purple). Other highlights include various colors and sizes, quantity: 22 sets and material: aluminum. Great deal on Aluminum Crochet Hook . To buy this product now at the lowest price, visit the market add to cart button on this page.

Multicolor crochet hooks needles! 0mm/3. 0MM /1. 8'' each a single 0. 75MM/ 0. 5mm/3. 5mm Silver needles: Length (App) 12cm / 4. 3MM/ 1. 0mm/5. 5mm/5. 5mm/6. 6MM / 0. 0mm/ 4. 1MM / 1. 5MM / 1. 75MM/ 1. 9MM / 1. 25MM / 1. Size: Chromatic needles: Length (App) 15cm / 6'' each one 2. 85MM / 0. 0mm/6. 6MM / 1. 0mm /2. 9MM 5mm/4.


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