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Brand New Knitter's Rosewood Crochet Needle 5. 5 -size G6/4MM

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Brand New Knitters Rosewood Crochet

Things for You

The Brand New Knitter's brought to you by Things For You makes a great pair of needles for your chrochet. In my opinion you will like that the item comes along with this feature, brand new knitter's rosewood crochet needle 5. 5"-size g6/4mm. Other features include things for you.

LACIS-Knitter's Crochet Needle. Imported. This specialty crochet hook features a crochet hook at one end and a 3/8 inch long slot in the other-- perfect for knooking. It is created from rosewood; measures 5-1/2 inches long; and is size G/6 (4. 0mm ).


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