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Circular Needle Case: Expresso Brown

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Circular Needle Case Expresso Brown


Package Quantity: 1

Wanting to buy pair of needles? Get the Circular Needle Case Expresso Brown made by Nam,aste! Circular Needle Case Expresso Brown happens to be a type of good quality pair of needles you can find out there. If you're thinking of buying a pair of crochet needles, you've come to the best place. This site offers you exclusive deals with this item with secure transaction. A listing of features are materials:animal-friendly faux leather and size:5 1/2" l x 3 1/2" w x 7" h. Buying a Circular Needle Case Expresso Brown . For more information about this pair of crochet needles, check out the shopping cart button below.

The Namaste Circular Case might be the resolution to storing and organizing all of your circular needles. Available in 7 great colors. Compact, clever, and oh-so cute! Features a exclusive accordion-style opening and labeling system to take the guesswork out of finding the proper size.


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