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Clover Getaway Case For 29-INCH Circular Knitting Needles

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Getaway Case For 29INCH Circular Knitting


Color: cinnamon
Package Quantity: 1

The characteristics include stores 7 pairs of needles, circular 29" case and colorful design. It's 0.4" Height x 12.5" Length x 5.4" Width. It has a weight of 0.2 lbs. The color of these crochet needles is cinnamon. The bar code for this pair of needles is 0051221330674. It comes with a warranty of replace supplied by the manufacturer. Getting a cinnamon, Getaway Case For 29INCH Circular Knitting. To see the great price I ran across, check out the link on this site.

Getaway circumstances for Cingular knitting needles. You can store 7 circular knitting needles in a case. Fits 16, 24, 29 and 36 inch circulars.


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