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Hiya Hiya Crochet Gift Set Hicrochetset

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Hiya Hiya Crochet Gift Set Hicrochetset
Hiya Hiya Crochet Gift Set Hicrochetset Image 1

The KnittingZone, Inc.

Color: crochet gift set
Package Quantity: 1

Searching for a pair of crochet needles? The Hiya Hiya Crochet manufactured by The Knittingzone, Inc. is a superb pair of crochet needles. HICROCHETSET is the part number for this outstanding product. The color of the pair of needles is crochet gift set. In my opinion, you will like that the product includes this feature of hook sizes range from us ab (2. 0mm) - us pq (15mm). For your purchase goes smoothly and everyone comes out satisfied, I'll provide you tips before you purchase this pair of needles. To ensure you aren't unhappy after purchasing it also in accordance with the item you need. There is also cost comparisons from sellers we met, to ensure you get the best value at the moment for this excellent item. Looking for Hiya Hiya Crochet . For more information on this pair of needles, click on the shopping cart add to cart button below.

The Hiya Hiya Crochet Hook Gift Set includes 15 Aluminum Crochet Hooks and 2 Acrylic Crochet Hooks inside a practical and portable brocade and cotton case. Lifetime Product Warranty: If purchased from an authorized dealer, Hiya Hiya guarantees all goods against all manufacturing defects; warranty excludes products damaged due to accident, misuse, abuse or negligence. 0mm) - US PQ (15mm ). Hook Sizes range from US AB (2.


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