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Boye Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set

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Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set

Notions - In Network

Color: creamy brown
Package Quantity: 1

Usually you will get more affordable prices by buying on the net than you will in actual shops. Looking for pair of crochet needles? See the Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set a great item made by Notions - In Network! The pair of crochet needles comes in creamy brown. In my opinion you will like that it features includes a zippered carrying case fitted with a foam insert. Additional features consist of sizes 14 through 1. The pair of needles dimensions are 5.5"H x 9.5"L x 1.75"W. It weighs somewhere around 10.7Ounces. Brand new Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set.

Boye Interchangeable Head Crochet Hook Set consists of fourteen steel crochet hook heads that fit into the universal light-weight aluminum handle. Measurements: 3-1/4 by 5-7/8 by 1-3/8 inches. Imported. Crochet hook heads are sizes 14 by way of 1. Great for the new or avid crochet enthusiast. Includes a zippered durable compact elegant carrying case fitted getting a foam insert with individual slots for each head and for the comfort grip handle.


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