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Susan Bates Silvalume Handi Scrapbooking Tool

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Silvalume Handi Scrapbooking Tool

Notions - In Network

Color: naked
Package Quantity: 1

The Silvalume Handi Scrapbooking brought to you by Notions - In Network is a great product for your chrochet. Bar Code# 077216003194. The pair of needles is available in naked. A list of feature characteristics include four tools in one, can be used as a cable needle and great for picking up stitches. The pair of needles dimensions are 2.5" Height x 6" Length x 0.15" Width and it weighs close to 0.01 lbs. Great deal on Silvalume Handi Scrapbooking . For more information about this pair of crochet needles, check out our store button.

SUSAN BATES-The Handi Tool is genuinely a 4 tool with a crochet hook on one end plus a knitting needle (size 3) on the other having a finger flat within the middle. Tool comes in six vibrant colors-red green gold blue yellow and fuchsia. Every tool bag really should have one. Excellent for picking up stitches along an edge picking up dropped stitches and in a pinch may possibly be utilised as a cable needle.


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