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Single Point Knitting Needle Case - Single Point Knitting Needle Organizer

Single Point Knitting Needle Case4 Star Rating
Single Point Knitting Needle CaseSingle Point Knitting Needle Case Single Point Knitting Needle Organizer Image 1
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single point knitting needle case organizer

Discount Sale Price: $11.99

Product Info

Shop and organize your complete single point knitting needle collection! Designed with 15 individual needle pouches, this convenient tiny pouch rolls and ties to keep your needles neat and tidy. (needles are sold separately)


  • 15 individual pouches secure and organize your entire set.
  • Very lightweight, soft, and portable!
  • All knitting needles are sold separately.
  • Compatible with all single point needles from 7" to 14"
  • Package: Height: 1" Length: 8.3" Width: 7.4"
  • Package Weight: 0.55 lbs.

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